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Guest Programs

Our thought leaders have been invited to share their insights and experience on some of their industry's most recognized webinars and podcasts.

Podcasting and webinar productions

Annmarie Thurnquist & Jim Goff: Internal Lean Leadership 

Annmarie Thurnquist, Lean Specialist, and Jim Goff, Vice President, Advanced Facilities, presented about the importance of an internal lean champion and the steps Jacobs has taken to apply lean practices across the company's work. They discuss the benefits at both the corporate and client levels, from creating an effective lean culture to delivering projects safer, cheaper and more quickly to clients. Their presentation, titled "Internal Lean Leadership", was delivered at a Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Member Meeting on May 4, 2021.

Jennifer House: Colorado Business Roundtable

In this Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) podcast episode, COBRT President Debbie Brown hosts Jacobs’ Vice President, People and Places Solutions, Geographic Operations Manager Jennifer House. Jennifer shares her professional journey, discusses our work in American infrastructure, dives into the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19 and goes in depth about the importance of women pursuing careers in STEAM fields. Listen to the episode today.

Jennifer House hero graphic

Leighton Cardwell hero graphic

Leighton Cardwell: Infrastructure Intelligence

Joining the panel at Infrastructure Intelligence’s 2021 Social Value Conference, Jacobs Cities Director - Leeds, Leighton Cardwell highlighted the importance ofplanning social value early in the development process, to maximize whole life social value and ensure a clear vision for the outcomes required to achieve the truly transformational investments in our communities. View the conference highlights and recording.

Paul Hendry: HSE Network

Jacobs Global Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment Paul Hendry joined the HSE Network Podcast to discuss Jacobs’ positive mental health initiative, One Million Lives. Listen to hear Paul’s vision for where the initiative is headed next, how it all started and how it’s making a difference today and into tomorrow. 

Screenshot of Paul Hendry's video call for podcast recording

NLC City Summit webinar

Dr. Nino Kharaishvili, Megan Ellis, Dr. Sam Luke, Dr. Kate Young and James Bruiners: NLC City Summit

This year the NLC City Summit happened virtually in late November. With COVID-19 being a hot topic, five of our leaders presented insights on Health and Business Continuity plus our COVID-19 Human Resource Impact Model. As the top national conference for local elected officials and municipal staff in the United States, it focuses on best and next practices and networking opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the 1,000+ leaders in attendance.Dr. Nino Kharaishvili speaks to insights on health and Megan Ellisspeaks to business continuity in the webinar. And during the second half of the webinar, Dr. Sam Luke, Dr. Kate Young  and James Bruiners speak to modeling scenarios and safeguarding resources to reduce the impact and understand scenarios. Watch the replay today.

Kurt Maldovan: TechTables

Check out Jacobs Global Director Digital Delivery Solutions Kurt Maldovan’s podcast, Smart Cities: A Roadmap to Leveraging VR & BIM for Digital Infrastructure. Kurt sits down with TechTables podcast host Joe Toste to discuss what makes Virtual Reality so fascinating, why Building Information Modeling is a necessity rather than an option and a number of emerging technologies.

Kurt Maldovan

James Hampson:
Infrastructure Intelligence

Jacobs Vice President Major Programs and Projects Europe James Hampson joins Infrastructure Intelligence’s webinar on “Planning and Procurement Reform, exploring the opportunity a coherent and rationalized procurement framework and, why it is critical to embed social value at the heart of planning and procurement to drive forward the U.K.’s infrastructure revolution.

Jim Nichols: ICMA

When working with developers, most local governments have a review process in place to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and other laws governing construction projects. However, these processes can often be difficult to navigate. Tune in to the International City/County Management Association’s latest webinar featuring Jacobs’ Jim Nichols as he discusses best practices for governments on improving their development review procedures.

Jim Nichols - ICMA Webinar

Ramesh Gulati

Ramesh Gulati: Asset Champion

Jacobs Asset Management & Reliability Specialist and award-winning author Ramesh Gulati joins the Asset Champion Podcast to discuss his perspectives on the world of asset management and share industry trends and inspirational stories for reliability leaders in this episode, "Maintenance And Reliability Best Practices & Asset Management Strategies For 2021."

James Kerrigan:
The Imagine a Place Podcast

Jacobs’ expert James Kerrigan shares his thoughts with Doug Shapiro on the purpose of place and the future of interior design on the recent OFS podcast. Listen to the full episode.

James Kerrigan

Jacobs and Atos:
The Future of Transport

This webinar from Jacobs and Atos explores the challenges and opportunities presented by times of disruption with key figures from the transport industry in the U.K. The panellists discuss how transport organizations can remain nimble, how they manage the disruption caused by COVID-19, and what they have learned that will help shape their future strategies.

John Fortin: Asset Champion

In this new podcast, John Fortin, Global Lead for Asset Management at Jacobs, shares his experiences as an asset management and reliability practitioner. John describes how he has developed and implemented effective organizational change management programs required to foster a sustainable asset management culture and discusses the initiatives which are described in his book "Why Execution Fails and What to Do About It."

John Fortin

Autonomous vehicles technology

Catherine Burns: MCB: Career Views

Jacobs Senior Systems Engineer and Project Manager Catherine Burns joined the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind for their Career Views podcast to discuss how new transportation technologies, such as autonomous vehicles (AVs), might impact job opportunities for persons who are blind and visually impaired. As October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, hear about the evolving AV technology and challenges and considerations blind persons and visually impaired persons have with transportation systems for vocational opportunities and more.

Menzer Pehlivan:
The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast

Menzer Pehlivan, Jacobs geotechnical engineer and star of the film "Dream Big," joins The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast to discuss her specialty in earthquake engineering, how she got inspired to pursue her career and diversity and inclusion in her episode, "Earthquake Engineering: Dream Big and Aim High!"

Menzer Pehlivan

Donald Morrison:
Infrastructure Intelligence

Jacobs Senior Vice President and GM Donald Morrison joined a top industry panel for the Infrastructure Intelligence’s “Delivering a green recovery” webinar, where he discussed the need for a new level of ambition, avoiding the temptation to “build, build, build” and instead take a holistic longer-term approach with a new focus on social value and net zero as part of thoughtful integrated infrastructure solutions.

Steve Clarke: 2020 YTexas Summit

Jacobs Vice President of our Texas Gulf Coast Operations, Steve Clarke, moderated a panel for Y Texas’ annual event to discuss The Future of Aerospace: The Race to Space with NASA and other aerospace leaders.

Steve Clarke at YTexas Summit
Brian Burkhard on Bloomberg Intelligence webinar

Brian Burkhard:
Bloomberg Intelligence

In the webinar Connected Automated Vehicles Are Coming, Brian Burkhard, Jacobs Global Technology Leader – Advanced Mobility Systems, discusses why CAVs matter and how to prepare for this shift.

Steve Demetriou:
Bloomberg Markets

Steve Demetriou, Jacobs Chair and CEO, speaks with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn and explains how the company has managed to beat the odds amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Demetriou on Bloomberg Markets

Kevin Berryman on WSJ webinar

Kevin Berryman:
Cybersecurity – Where to Invest

Companies are investing billions in cybersecurity technology but it's hard to decide how to allocate those funds between new services, software or staff. It can also be challenging to decide when and how fully to embrace new cybersecurity technology. In this webinar, James Rundle of WSJ Pro Cybersecurity discusses these critical decisions with our President and CFO Kevin Berryman and the CISO of Box, Lakshmi Hanspal.

Jeff Goldfarb: The Deal

Jeff Goldfarb, Jacobs' Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, discusses with Steve Gelsi, Senior Reporter, The Deal, the key elements and lessons learned from Jacobs' transformation during the past several years, driven by both the reinvigoration and shaping of Jacobs' culture as well as a portfolio change through significant acquisition and divestiture.

Kate Kenny

Kate Kenny: What Next for London?

In its latest What Next for London? podcast, London First talks to Kate Kenny, Jacobs’ VP of Cities & Places Europe, about the choices that need to be made as we seek to build back better, levelling up in the U.K. and across London, and why inclusive growth should be at the heart of those plans.

Tom Donahue:
Regional Plan Association

With ridership on public transportation systems down as much as 90%, many agencies are facing serious funding challenges. On the RPA's Saving Our Region’s Public Transportation Systems & Building for Tomorrow, hear Thomas Donahue, Jacobs US Transit and Rail Practice Leader, speak along with leaders from the The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York City Transit and other industry leaders about how Federal funding from the CARES Act has helped the agencies, but what more is needed.

Tom Donahue

Betty Liu with Steve Demetriou

Steve Demetriou:
New York Stock Exchange

Steve Demetriou, Jacobs Chair and CEO, speaks with Betty Liu, NYSE Executive Vice Chairman, on Inside the ICE House, a podcast produced by Intercontinental Exchange, about Jacobs' transformation centered around sustainability and diversity.

Clare Bullock: Geospatial Science

In the modern era, with our burgeoning technologies, we’re still discovering new terrestrial frontiers. And data is at the forefront of that exploration. As part of a new podcast series from Jacobs called “If/When,” we discuss data and geospatial science with Dr. Michael Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Clare Bullock, Director of Geospatial and Visualization at Jacobs.

Dr. Goodchild and Clare Bullock


Susan Moisio


Susan Moisio: Words on Water

From data-driven decisions in Mobile to asset analysis in Cincinnati, tune in to the Water Environment Federation’s Words on Water podcast to hear our Global Conveyance and Storage Solutions Director Susan Moisio’s tips for cities on creating resilient coastal water infrastructure.

Peter Nicol: U.S. Water Alliance

“Imagine a Day Without Water,” on Oct. 23, is a great opportunity to imagine how we must work together to find solutions that focus on adaptable, resilience-based planning and embrace a more integrated approach to water management. The One Water movement, encourages (and challenges) us to view all water as one valuable resource. Jacobs Vice President and Global Water Director Peter Nicol shares his One Water insights with the US Water Alliance on a podcast in recognition of “Imagine a Day Without Water.”

Peter Nicol


Susan Moisio


Susan Moisio: OneWater

Susan Moisio was named to Global Water Intelligence (GWI) Magazine’s Top 40 Water Technology Power List as “The go-to person for conveyance systems, CSOs, and storage.” Take a listen to Susan’s recent podcast on CSOs and learn why she was selected for this prestigious recognition.

Bryan Harvey: Talking on Water

In a new podcast thought leadership series, British Water's CEO Lila Thompson talks to Jacobs Vice President Bryan Harvey about how the water challenges ahead are amplified with population growth and climate change, what a more connected, sustainable world would look like and how British Water and the water supply chain can position themselves as leaders in finding solutions.

Bryan Harvey with Lila Thompson

Monica Morales


Monica Morales: Civil Engineering

Tune in to hear how Jacobs’ Monica Morales, PE, ENV SP is taking the civil engineering world by storm promoting diversity and inspiring current and future engineers. Monica, a 2019 New Faces of Civil Engineering – Professionals, is featured in the Civil Engineering Podcast where she talks about what inspired her to be an engineer and how she’s paving the way for others to follow her lead.