PlantPAx boost productivity at Denver wastewater facility

Advanced tools streamline engineering, help optimize operations and maintenance

CH2M designed and implemented a virtualized PlantPAx system from Rockwell Automation to help Denver’s Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, a greenfield wastewater treatment facility currently starting up, achieve an advanced process automation system that could optimize operations and improve maintenance procedures while simultaneously meeting compliance objectives.

CH2Mer John Costello, west regional technology lead-automation, and colleague Tyler Nading, deputy global technology leader for dynamic simulation, recently attended the Rockwell Automation Process Solutions User Group meeting, held in Chicago, November 16-17, in conjunction with the Rockwell Automation Fair. In an interview with Keith Larson, group publisher at Control, John and Tyler highlighted the facility's new productivity-enhancing automation environment. Read the article, "PlantPAx boosts productivity at Denver wastewater facility", featured in Control, to learn more about how this advanced tool is helping Metro Wastewater Reclamation District streamline engineering of its control and instrumentation systems, and optimize operations and maintenance at its facility. 

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